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Extraction Overview

Ethanol Extraction

For our extraction process, we use high purity extraction grade 200 proof ethanol. We use ethanol for our process because its structure is composed of both a polar and a non-polar group. The polar portion is the hydroxyl group (-OH) and the non-polar portion is the ethyl group (-C2H5). When talking about polarity and solvents, the rule is that like dissolves like. Because both polar and non-polar groups are present in ethanol, the resulting extract obtained from combining ethanol with hemp biomass contains both polar and non-polar compounds. This allows us to capture the whole suite of compounds in our extract which leads us to obtain a Full Spectrum Extract, following some refinement processes.

After the initial biomass extraction, we initiate the winterization process in order to get the extract into a state that we can remove undesirable plant lipids and waxes. Once the plant waxes and lipids are removed, we initiate the pigment removal process to ensure there isn't high amounts of chlorophyll and other pigments in the end product.

Following winterization and removal of pigments, we initiate the solvent removal process in order to concentrate the extract. After removing the solvent, the extract is exposed to conditions that allows for de-carboxylation to occur. The remaining extract is now fully activated and ready to be refined further. 

CO2 Extraction

We also offer CO2  extraction at our facility. This process utilizes supercritical CO2 in order to extract the desired components from the biomass. Supercritical CO2 is CO2 that is at a temperature and pressure above its critical point, where distinct gas and liquid phases are not present. In this state, CO2 can move through solids like a gas and dissolve compounds like a liquid.

To initiate the process, a column is packed with biomass and inserted into the machine. The pressure and temperature of the chambers present in the machine are then changed to get the CO2 into its supercritical state. Once in that state, it is then passed through the biomass which allows for extraction and collection of desired compounds.

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