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Nano-Products Information

What is Nano-CBD?

Often marketed as “Nano Enhanced CBD” or “Water Soluble CBD”, Nano CBD is created when CBD oil is processed through highly specialized Nano-Emulsification and Nano-Encapsulation Systems. These processes decreases the size of particles so they are small enough to be absorbed directly into the body through the epithelial cells of the small intestine or very effectively through the skin as a topical. Our partners proprietary manufacturing process reduces the size of cannabinoids to less than 25 nanometers dramatically increasing bioavailability and absorption into the body across all methods of use and making it the most effective way to use and benefit from CBD.

What is Bioavailability and why is it so important?

Bioavailability refers to how much of a substance is actually absorbed and utilized by the body. A process known as “first past metabolism” is where the digestive system and liver attempt to remove anything that the body thinks is toxic. During this process, the breakdown of oily substances occurs in order to transform substances into a useable form before they enter the blood stream. With standard CBD Oil for example first pass metabolism removes approximately 90% - 94% of CBD before it is absorbed into the blood stream. This means that 90% + of the product never reaches a users system and is wasted.
Because of the smaller particle sizes Nano-Emulsified Oil is absorbed into the body approximately 600% more efficiently than traditional CBD oil when ingested. This increase in absorption means that users get approximately 6x the benefits from the same serving size.

What is the difference between Nano-Emulsions and Nano-Encapsulations?

Both classifications of Nano-CBD will be seen on the market, however, there is a slight difference between the two. Nano-Emulsions are classified as biphasic preparations in which nano sized droplets of a compound are dispersed through a medium. On the other hand, Nano-encapsulation is a general term that can refer to either solid or liquid nano preparations where the core compound of interest is encapsulated (coated) with another compound that lends the formulation greater stability. Many different compounds, like polysaccharides and sugar alcohols, and techniques are used in order to produce nano-encapsulated formulations.

Is this technology proven?

Yes, pharmaceutical companies have been using Nano-Emulsification and Nano-Encapsulation for years to increase absorption rates of pharmaceutical drugs and therapies. Our partner has successfully created millions of servings using proprietary formulas and processes.

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