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Our Process

From Farm

The hemp biomass that is processed into the oil that our products are formulated with is grown by responsible US farmers. The farms have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are compliant with both federal and state regulations. All biomass undergoes a full panel of third party tests to ensure that it is free of any undesirable components.

To Extraction

The Full Spectrum Oil we use for our products is processed in-house by our sister company Foothills Ventures. Foothills Ventures is a hemp manufacturer and post-processing laboratory licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We incorporate Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) into all of our operations to ensure our products are of the highest quality and all inputs are traceable from start to finish.

To Refinement

Before we add our Full Spectrum Oil to our products, it undergoes a refinement process using flash chromatography in order to remove undesirable compounds. Flash chromatography is a method used to separate compounds using a mobile liquid phase composed of solvents and a stationary solid phase composed of adsorbent media. Following introduction of the Full Spectrum  Oil into the machine, the mobile phase gets pumped through and picks up compounds adhered to the media within the machine. The time it takes them to move through the machine and be collected is dependent on structure. The differences in structure between compounds is what allows for the separation to occur due to the differences in interactions with the mobile and stationary phases.

To Third Party Testing

All of the Full Spectrum Oil that we process is sent out to third party testing labs to ensure that all undesirable components, like solvents, have been removed and that cannabinoid concentrations are within the desired ranges. All of the products we produce have THC concentrations within the legal limit. QR codes linking to the third party test results can be found on all of our products. All tests can also be accessed on our website under our Product Lot Database page.