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CBD Tinctures - How we make them.

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Our tinctures are not unique to tinctures, they just taste better than most.  But we do use a in house method for our distillate oil.    One of the things that make tinctures fail is the taste.  Our distillate is generally above 95% pure Cbd, with some minors like CBG, and CBN.  It allows us to use less distillate oil overall as the main ingredient  to making tinctures and allowing for the taste of the Carrier oil and flavorings to blend and not override with the taste of hemp oil and the earthy aftertaste. 

Specifically we run our distillate oil through Buchi Reveleris.   This allows us to fully purify and clean our oil from solvents, pesticides, and residuals best left out of the oil.   Flash column chromatography is a method of chemical separation that is used to purify chemical mixtures. It is also known as flash purification, due to its function as a purification method.  chromatography systems are advanced and powerful systems that allow me to see previously invisible components and impurities, helping to provide extreme purity and  maximum recovery of target compounds.

With this in mind we try to make the purest oil and as high of overall percentage as possible and combine with a Organic Carrier oil such as Coconut.  This is why our CBD tinctures have such a great taste and are lacking the scrunch face from hempy overtones and dirty oil leftovers.

Thanks you, I hope you enjoy my first BLOG.  ut.  

Nate Hancock

C.O.O. High Altitude Wellness. 

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